Transact launches Australian-first retail analytics platform

October 4, 2023

As the growth in online sales continues to rise, so does the number of online brands competing for their share in of digital shelf.

Transact, the Omnicom Media Group eCommerce consultancy, has launched its market-first retail analytics tool, which is part of Omni Commerce offering which will support Australian clients in understanding their real time digital share of shelf.

As brands seek to optimise their product performance across retailer sites, they need reliable performance metrics for organic and paid metrics. We want to help businesses find opportunities to maximise product viewability and ultimately increase eCommerce revenue across Australia’s largest retailers.

Des Odell, CEO, OMG Digital

With Flightdeck Retail Analytics brands are now able to have a centralised view of their product’s performance across multiple retailers. This proprietary tool forms part of the Transact FlightDeck eCommerce tool set, which will enable brands to optimise product listings, plan paid retail media, and make rapid decisions based on real-time data to drive sales.

The tool includes share of shelf data from over 30 Australian retailers and marketplaces, such as Amazon, Target, Dan Murphy’s, Chemist Warehouse and others. Performance is monitored at a SKU level, can include multiple competitor sets.

Measurement is a key priority for our retail clients and we’re delighted to launch FlightDeck Retail Analytics to take the guesswork out of optimising retailer visibility. The new tool will allow us to manage retail media in a smart way, as we’re now able to arm our clients and internal teams with ecommerce performance indicators to better plan and focus their optimisation efforts.

Mohammad Heidari Far, Managing Director, Transact

Transact is the eCommerce agency for Omnicom Media Group – a leading global marketing and corporate communications company.

Learn how to turn your smart data into smart insights using our proprietary tool Transact FlightDeck Retail Analytics.