eRetail Optimisation and Retail Media Services

At Transact, we utilise our extensive eRetail experience to guide our clients through each stage of the retail strategy, planning, and activation cycle, ensuring their brands effectively leverage the digital shelf.

eRetail optimisation services

eRetail makes up the primary sales channel for the majority of CPG and FMCG brands in Australia.

Leveraging our comprehensive eRetail knowledge, we collaborate with our clients throughout the retail strategy, planning, and activation process. We ensure sound digital shelf fundamentals encompassing operational readiness, content health, and catalogue management.

An eCommerce audit initiates our process, and
we identify your current share of the digital shelf and strategise to optimise product visibility and retail media opportunities.

Our strategy extends beyond basic readiness; we ensure your brand’s unique selling points are highlighted across the eRetail experience, distinguishing your brand on the digital shelf as effectively as in physical stores.

Retail Media

Once shelf-ready, we create bespoke Retail Media strategies to connect with consumers and shoppers across the entire eRetail customer journey leveraging all capabilities available from retail media networks (RMNs). Our Retail Media teams are experts across all retail media activation platforms such as Zitcha, PromoteIQ, Criteo and CitrusAd.

Elevate your brand with our expertise of Amazon Marketing Cloud to drive increased visibility, customer engagement, and accelerated business growth.