Navigating Amazon’s Prime Big Day Deals: A Comprehensive Seller Guide

October 6, 2023

What you need to know about Amazon’s Prime Big Day Seller Guide:

Intro to Prime Big Day Deals

Amazon Prime Day is no longer just a “day.” It’s an eCommerce phenomenon.

“Prime Big Deal Days” is a 48-hour shopping extravaganza, happening from October 10th to October 11th.

For Amazon sellers and eCommerce marketers, understanding the significance and strategy behind Prime Big Day Deals can make the difference between moderate success and skyrocketing sales. This event, with its myriad of special offers and deals, offers sellers a golden opportunity, but only if approached with the right strategy.

Is your Brand Amazon ready?

Before diving headfirst into the Prime Day frenzy, ensure your product pages (or ASINs) are retail ready.  

Amazon retail readiness must-haves:

  • A product title that’s optimised for search, clearly describing the product.
  • High-quality images that showcase the product’s features and benefits.
  • A well-detailed product description, highlighting its USPs.
  • Positive product ratings which can drive trust and increase conversions.
  • Proper inventory management to handle the surge in demand.

Content Optimisation

The backbone of success on Amazon lies in optimising your content. Here’s how:

Amazon SEO

  • Focus on increasing your product’s discoverability, such as having your product on that first page of Amazon, when a potential buyer is searching for your product. This involves selecting the right generic keywords, maintaining catalogue completeness, and ensuring quality enhancement of your Product Detail Page (PDP) content.

A+ content

  • A+ enhanced content allows sellers to enhance their product listings with richer descriptions, images, and comparison charts. This not only makes the listing more attractive but also offers customers more comprehensive information, increasing the chances of conversion.

What Amazon sellers can do to prepare for the Prime Big Day Deals

As Prime Day approaches, sellers should adopt a multipronged strategy:

Offer customers multiple ways to save

  • Prime Exclusive Discount: Available typically during the sale week. Watch out for this on Seller Central.
  • Lightning deals: Limited-time offers that create a sense of urgency.
  • Coupons: A direct way to offer discounts.
  • Promotions: Extended offers that can drive continuous traffic.

Preparing your inventory

  • Forecast sales: Use historical sales data to make informed inventory decisions.
  • Consider storage: Efficiently manage inventory to avoid long-term storage costs.

Engaging customers during major sales events

  • Boost your listings: Promote your Amazon listings on your channels, from social feeds to paid traffic.
  • Customise your storefront: Make your online shop window unique, reflecting deals and discounts.

Running effective promotions

  • Boost visibility with Amazon Ads: Prime Day can see a surge in traffic. Make sure your products are visible.
  • Adjust bids: Tweak your ad strategies to reach the most potential customers.

Optimising listings

  • Regularly audit and if necessary, split test your A+ content for maximum engagement.

Optimising fulfilment

  • Choosing fulfilment options: Whether FBA or FBM, choose what’s best for your business.
  • Customer services: Ensure quick and efficient customer support during the sales rush.

The Pros and Cons of Selling on Amazon Prime Big Day Deals


  • Increased exposure: Prime Day 2023 witnessed the purchase of over 375 million items globally. The sheer volume of traffic can translate to more sales.
  • Clearing unsold inventory: A well-planned sale can help move unsold products, saving on storage and avoiding further markdowns.
  • More product Reviews: A surge in sales typically leads to more product reviews. And, if a customer gets a good deal, they’re likelier to leave a positive review.


  • High fees and low margins: Amazon’s fees can eat into your profits, especially when offering discounts.
  • Overstocking risks: If products don’t sell as expected, you might be left with excess inventory.
  • Intense competition: Prime Day sees sellers jostling for customer attention, including from Amazon’s own products.

Amazon’s Prime Big Day Deals offers an incredible opportunity for sellers to boost their sales and visibility.

Transact can help elevate your Amazon visibility across these Prime Day priorities: from ASIN optimisation, enhanced Amazon content, and Amazon ads strategy to brand store setup and an efficient review strategy. With the right preparation, ranging from content optimisation to inventory management, sellers can harness this event’s full potential. While challenges exist, a strategic approach can ensure maximum returns.

Take the next step.  Engage with Transact and make this Prime Big Day Deals your most successful yet.

Take the next step. Engage with Transact and make this Prome Big Day Deals your most successful yet.